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STEMJOBS.COM // EARLY FALL 2017 11 Working with architects and engineers, you will calculate a budget, prepare estimates, and hire subcontractors. While building residential and commercial structures, public spaces, or roads and bridges, you will ensure adherence to legal requirements and building and safety codes. WILL I LIKE IT? Why do the work when you can hire someone to do it for you? EDUCATION REQUIRED: Bachelor's degree in construction science, construction management, architecture, or engineering SCHOOLS THAT TRAIN: • Bemidji State University • The University of Texas at San Antonio • Utah Valley University EMPLOYERS THAT HIRE: • Amazon • The Home Depot • Verizon $89,300 CONSTRUCTION MANAGER Through applying an education in engineering, biology, ecology, and chemistry, you will manage environmental efforts such as recycling, waste management, combatting pollution, and promoting public health throughout the design and construction process. Using scientific data, you will perform quality control and compliance inspections, create reports, and advise regarding environmental contamination cleanup. WILL I LIKE IT? All of your school supplies are made from recycled or sustainable materials. EDUCATION REQUIRED: Bachelor's degree in environmental engineering or a related field such as civil, chemical, or general engineering SCHOOLS THAT TRAIN: • Jackson State University • Lawrence Technological University • University of Alaska Anchorage EMPLOYERS THAT HIRE: • AECOM • Department of Energy • Leidos $83,360 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER You will spend time organizing the plans for buildings and structures through analyzing costs, ensuring compliance with government regulations, environmental safety, and material stability. As a civil engineer, you will also work outside overseeing construction projects, including soil testing and worksite safety. WILL I LIKE IT? The Death Star never would have blown up if you had been involved in its design. EDUCATION REQUIRED: Bachelor's degree in civil engineering, one of its specialties, or civil engineering technology SCHOOLS THAT TRAIN: • Florida Gulf Coast University • George Mason University • Idaho State University EMPLOYERS THAT HIRE: • AECOM • Department of the Army • Walt Disney World Resort $83,540 CIVIL ENGINEER WANT TO KNOW YOUR STEM TYPE? LOG ON TO STEMTYPE.STEMJOBS.COM TO FIND IT! You will design structures, homes, and buildings that meet the aesthetic demands of clients and government safety regulations. In this role, you will divide time between developing plans in your office, meeting with clients, and visiting construction sites for inspections. WILL I LIKE IT? Your friends look at storefronts while you classify buildings as classic, Victorian, art deco, or modern. EDUCATION REQUIRED: Bachelor's in Architecture and licensing exam. SCHOOLS THAT TRAIN: • Case Western Reserve University • Louisiana Tech University • Montana State University EMPLOYERS THAT HIRE: • Architectural Firms $76,100 ARCHITECT

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