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WANT TO KNOW YOUR STEM TYPE? LOG ON TO STEMTYPE.STEMJOBS.COM TO FIND IT! Solver $58,481 If it's broken, you can fix it. Bachelor's degree in audio or electrical engineering, computer science, or telecommunications • Louisiana Tech University • Western Washington University • Youngstown State University Quality is your priority and ensuring television broadcast transmissions remain consistent is your speciality. In this role, you maintain digital systems, maintain hardware, and troubleshoot any issues that arise, especially those that pop up during a broadcast and require immediate attention with fast, effective solutions. BROADCAST ENGINEER • Comcast NBCUniversal • Fox Broadcasting Company • ESPN, Inc. $59,040 Your YouTube channel has more followers than STEM Jobs. Bachelor's degree in film, broadcasting, or communications • Montclair State University • Oklahoma City University • Southern Illinois University- Carbondale Producer Working with the director to determine the project angle, you will review and organize video footage. You are fluent in video editing software, allowing you to easily interpret direction and create the desired product. VIDEO EDITOR • Discovery Communications • HGTV • Netflix $136,000 Others see an empty van. You see unlimited broadcasting opportunity. Associate or Technical degree in electronics or engineering field preferred. • Arapahoe Community College • Southwest Virginia Community College • Washington State Community College Integrator Your job is to manage the mobile production units that broadcast from events located at remote sites. Maintaining a budget, directing mobile unit crew, providing on-site tech support to clients, and overseeing repairs, cleaning, and updates are your responsibility. MOBILE UNIT ENGINEER • Comcast NBCUniversal • ESPN, Inc. • Fox Broadcasting Company • Andrews University • Syracuse University • University of Central Florida $70,950 You know how to rock a megaphone. Bachelor's degree in film, business, or arts management Integrator • ESPN, Inc. • TBS • USA Network You bring a television writer's show concept to the small screen by outlining and adhering to a budget. Your job will also be hiring a crew, negotiating pay rates, and maintaining a schedule. The responsibility of the finished project lies on your shoulders. TELEVISION PRODUCER STEMJOBS.COM // EARLY FALL 2017 17 $93,000 ($45 PER HOUR) You know what a gaffer is. Vocational training • Aiken Technical College • Butler County Community College • Fox Valley Technical College • Food Network • FX • QVC Designer You know how important lighting is to creating the mood for a television show. Your job is to design the lighting scheme for a show, changing the plan according to shifting scenes, and altering the strategy according to unexpected surprises. GAFFER † Companies are chosen from the STEM Jobs SM Approved list whenever possible, then additional hiring companies when necessary.

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