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STEMJOBS.COM // EARLY FALL 2017 23 BIOMIMETICS = HUMAN-MADE SYSTEMS THAT IMITATE NATURE SILVIA BEZER RESEARCH CHEMIST I DEGREE: PH.D. IN BIOINORGANIC CHEMISTRY YEARS IN THE INDUSTRY: 4 STEM TYPE: INVESTIGATOR chemistry—a world where science fiction becomes reality as professional chemists draw inspiration from nature to create groundbreaking products. So how did Silvia get her start? "From an early age I was very curious about everything around me and I incessantly posed questions. As I became convinced that science would give me all the answers, I became interested and fascinated by it. Chemistry, in particular, was a captivating area as it explores the world of molecules and their chemical transformations of everything around us," she remembers. Interested in this brave new world, but never thought of yourself as a "science person?" Everyone is a science person— just ask Silvia! "Chemistry is fun! A degree in chemistry not only allows you to build a well-paying career, but also enjoy every moment of it. So, be inquisitive and search for answers, read, participate in science fairs and Olympiads, identify a mentor who can share experience and give you advice, as well as inspire your friends to become passionate about chemistry. This will not only open your eyes to the fascinating world of molecules, but it will also help you become a successful scientist." WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SILVIA'S JOURNEY? HEAD TO ! "CHEMISTRY IS FUN! A DEGREE IN CHEMISTRY NOT ONLY ALLOWS YOU TO BUILD A WELL-PAYING CAREER, BUT ALSO ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF IT."

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