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26 EARLY FALL 2017 // STEMJOBS.COM HOT JOBS // CHEMISTRY A FORMULA FOR SUCCESS WILL I LIKE IT? MEDIAN SALARY STEM TYPE SCHOOLS THAT TRAIN WHAT WILL I DO? STEM JOBS BY SALARY CHEMISTRY HOT WHO'S HIRING EDUCATION REQUIRED You will perform duties crucial to the development of chemical products and possibly assist senior researchers or chemists and chemical engineers. Your job will also include research, database maintenance, laboratory quality control, and waste management. Explorer $44,660 You wear a lab coat around your house. • Alvin Community College • Community College of Philadelphia • Lake Washington Institute of Technology CHEMICAL TECHNICIAN • The Coca-Cola Company • GE • The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Associate degree in an applied science (A.A.S.) • Clarkson University • Southwest Minnesota State University • The University of Texas at Dallas Working with nanomaterials, you will take small particles to make important products. Your responsibilities include synthesizing and organizing new nanomaterials, ultimately creating products from these findings. In addition to product development, you must ensure the safety of the goods for consumer use. $52,500 You know the best things come in small packages. NANOCHEMIST Designer • Facebook • Leidos • Monsanto Company Bachelor's degree in chemistry or general nanosciences You bring a scientific angle to solving crime by collecting evidence and ensuring all specimens are kept secure. Upon returning to the laboratory, you will analyze evidence and try to link suspects to the crime. $56,750 You organize your schedule around weekly CSI marathons. • Hawaii Pacific University • Lewis University • Marshall University FORENSIC SCIENTIST Investigator • State and Local Government • State and Local Police Bachelor's degree in chemistry, biology, or forensic science In order to solve issues related to agriculture, you will examine the composition of soil samples to provide solutions to farmers and advise regarding sustainable agricultural practices. You might also visit natural disaster sites to measure ecological impact and identify methods for improving soil quality. $58,740 You choose outfits to match your green thumb. • Michigan State University • SUNY College at Plattsburgh • University of Georgia PLANT CHEMIST Integrator • The Dow Chemical Company • DuPont • PPG Industries Bachelor's degree in botany Producer You will study naturally formed crystals and grow others in the lab. Through studying the atoms within the crystals, you will analyze the structure for a variety of purposes such as manufacturing, criminal investigations, and archaeological preservation. $60,000 You believe crystals are a chemist's best friend. • Dickinson State University • Western New England University • Youngstown State University CRYSTALLOGRAPHER • Bayer Corporation • Lockheed Martin • Schrodinger Bachelor's degree in chemistry * Schools are chosen from the STEM Jobs SM Approved list.

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