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STEMJOBS.COM // EARLY FALL 2017 27 WANT TO KNOW YOUR STEM TYPE? LOG ON TO STEMTYPE.STEMJOBS.COM TO FIND IT! Maker $60,200 Your first word was "chartreuse." • East Tennessee State University • George Mason University • Illinois State University Through testing existing products, you'll improve the formulas of dyes, pigments, and inks by addressing consumer and manufacturer concerns. You could also examine the inks of historical works to confirm authenticity, or discover new medical uses for dyes such as those used in image testing. DYE, PIGMENT, AND INK CHEMIST • BASF Corporation • Benjamin Moore • PPG Industries Ph.D. in chemistry $65,840 Your life mission is to solve world hunger. • Clemson University • Michigan State University • University of Idaho Maker Your job comprises developing chemicals that increase efficiency in crop production, decrease the threat of insects, and safeguard ecosystems. In this chemistry-based career, you could work for a manufacturer or the government. AGRICULTURAL CHEMIST • Department of Agriculture • Monsanto Company • Novozymes Bachelor's degree in chemistry, biology, or food science $83,000 You've already memorized the periodic table. • American University • Arizona State University- Downtown Phoenix • Jackson State University Investigator This role might also be referred to as chemical informatics, or chemoinformatics, and it requires you to store, index, search, and retrieve chemical compound information. Through organizing the information in this way, researchers are provided easy retrieval for problem solving. CHEMINFORMATICS RESEARCH SPECIALIST • Bayer Corporation • Mylan • Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Ph.D. in chemistry, with a computer science background • Allen County Community College • Copiah-Lincoln Community College • Union County College $66,790 You wash your hands obsessively. Integrator • BASF Corporation • Pfizer • Shriners Hospitals for Children Safety in the lab is your responsibility. You manage procedures, address hazards, ensure safe practices, promote personal hygiene, manage general laboratory practices, and understand how to approach handling toxic substances. Employees learn through your training and planning for emergencies. CHEMICAL HYGIENE OFFICER NRCC (National Registry of Certified Chemists) Certification with some academic scientific training • Northern State University • Oakland University • The University of Tampa • AstraZeneca • BMW • General Motors $81,480 Your first car is going to run on vegetable oil. Explorer You'll examine the processes of cellular organisms by researching their structure. Your research will lead to the discovery of new products that are manufactured from these organisms, such as the trend in biofuels. BIOCHEMIST Bachelor's degree in biology † Companies are chosen from the STEM Jobs SM Approved list whenever possible, then additional hiring companies when necessary.

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