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STEMJOBS.COM // EARLY FALL 2017 29 "CHEMISTS WILL BE IN HIGH DEMAND FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE AS THEY OFFER A UNIQUE INSIGHT INTO MATERIALS - A LARGE, COMPLEX FIELD THAT GREATLY IMPACTS ALL SECTORS OF OUR MODERN SOCIETY." to a wide array of audiences. And, finally, I must demonstrate both decision-making and leadership skills. All of these aforementioned skills are soundly rooted in my STEM education," says Todd. There are tons of career opportunities for chemists because they have such a diverse skill set. "Chemists will be in high demand for the foreseeable future as they offer a unique insight into materials - a large, complex field that greatly impacts all sectors of our modern society," predicts Todd. But these careers aren't just for a select few. "You have the power inside of you to change the world, one atom at a time. Work hard, have fun learning chemistry and discovering its ties to other areas of science and engineering, and surround yourself with smart people. If you are able to accomplish that, I'm confident you will find an interesting career and lead an interesting life," encourages Todd. Where will your curiosity and STEM skills take you? TODD R. YOUNKIN EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, JOINT UNIVERSITY MICROELECTRONICS PROGRAM (JUMP) DEGREES: BACHELOR'S AND PH.D. IN CHEMISTRY YEARS IN THE INDUSTRY: 16 STEM TYPE: EXPLORER

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