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4 EARLY FALL 2017 // STEMJOBS.COM ARCHITECTURE // BROADCASTING // CHEMISTRY // CODING // DIETARY INTRO // THE CREW WHO MAKES IT HAPPEN? STEM JOBS SM MAGAZINE IS PUBLISHED BY M2V, Inc. a service-disabled veteran-owned small business. 420 Rouser Road, Building 3, Suite 101, Moon Township, PA 15108, tel: (412) 269-1663 x164, fax: (412) 269-1646. The inclusion of advertising is considered a service to subscribers and is not an endorsement of the products nor concurrence with advertising claims. STEM Jobs SM is a registered trademark of M2V, Inc., copyright © 2004-2017. No part of the magazine may be reproduced by any means without the permission of M2V, Inc. STEM Jobs SM products, product designs, product names, trademarks, trade dress, logos, designs, images, both physical and color designs and other associated intellectual properties are the registered or otherwise protected property of M2V, Inc. Any form of unauthorized use is strictly prohibited and considered infringement, and is punishable by law. CAN YOU CODE? STEM JOBS ADVISORY COUNCIL DIRECTOR OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, NATIONAL ALLIANCE FOR PARTNERSHIPS IN EQUITY ASSOCIATE PROVOST AND DEAN OF GRADUATE STUDIES, NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY COLORADO STEM POLICY AND SUSTAINABILITY Meagan Pollock, Ph.D. Jaleh Rezaie John Sepich EARLY FALL 2017 THEY PUT THIS TOGETHER SUPERINTENDENT ADOBE WAN KENOBI CAPTAIN CONTENT E.P. PHONE HOME DIGITAL DYNAMO Rich McCormack Mike Asper Ellen Egley Ellen Pomerantz Logan Hammerschmitt SM "I NEVER HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE ANY CODING CLASSES IN HIGH SCHOOL, BUT A FRIEND AND I TAUGHT OURSELVES HTML AND BUILT OUR OWN WEBSITES OUTSIDE OF CLASS. JUST LEARNING SOME BASIC CODING HELPED ME LAUNCH MY CAREER IN GRAPHIC AND WEB DESIGN!" " I NEVER LEARNED TO CODE AND IT'S A HUGE REGRET OF MINE. MY HAT IS OFF TO ANYONE WHO UNDERSTANDS CODING. THEY CAN DO SOME AMAZING THINGS!" school is back in session THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! GUEST STARS Dorothy Crouch Sue Hamilton A new school year has begun , and while I hate pumpkin-flavored anything, I have always loved this time of year—not just because of the leaves changing color and the cooler weather here in Pennsylvania, but because it's a fresh start for another year of learning. At STEM Jobs, we're happy you're on this journey with us to connect what's happening in your classrooms to real high-paying, high-demand careers in the industries you care about most. This year, we're excited to explore the ABCs of STEM, where we showcase a different STEM industry for every letter of the alphabet throughout the year. In this issue, we'll tackle letters A through D. You might think that "architect" is the only STEM job title available in architecture, but a structural engineer will discuss how many incredible STEM professionals it takes to design, plan, and build the structures we live and work in every day. Next, we'll take a look at the behind-the-scenes STEM careers in broadcasting that make the radio and television shows we love possible. You'll meet two women who are tearing down barriers and overcoming stereotypes to make waves in this exciting industry. Chemistry has enough career opportunities to fill an entire issue, so we interviewed four chemistry professionals who have very different roles in completely different industries to show you just a sampling of the careers available if you choose this path. We also had the opportunity to interview Reshma Saujani, featured on our cover, who is the founder of the nonprofit Girls Who Code. She talks all things coding and computer science, and gives us her take on closing the gender gap in computer science careers. We all love food (I might love it too much), so we explored dietary careers for the last letter of this issue and interviewed a nutritionist who helps people manage their diabetes through their food choices. This year we hope to show you that there IS a place for you in an exciting STEM career, no matter what you're passionate about. Our goal is that you will find something within these pages that will put you on the path to #DoWhatYouLove . Thanks for reading! ELLEN EGLEY Director of Education // STEM Jobs SM GET OUR E-NEWSLETTER AT STEMJOBS.COM !

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