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STEMJOBS.COM // EARLY FALL 2017 31 Through studying how ingredients interact chemically and physically, you will enhance the experience of enjoying food. In addition to thinking about how humans experience food, your job might also touch upon the business and policy aspects of the food industry. WILL I LIKE IT? You know why some restaurants serve sorbet between courses. EDUCATION REQUIRED: Master's degree in food science or chemistry SCHOOLS THAT TRAIN: • Central Michigan University • Coastal Carolina University • Emporia State University EMPLOYERS THAT HIRE: • Food manufacturers • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) • U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) $65,840 MOLECULAR GASTRONOMIST Armed with thorough knowledge of edible wild plants and a finger on the pulse of the local farmer's market scene, your days as a food forager will be dedicated to exploring locally sourced food. As the farm-to-table culinary trend grows in popularity, so will the needs of restaurants and specialty markets for you to find products that will fill their menus with fresh, whole ingredients. Using your vast knowledge of edible plants and the culinary industry, you will search for ingredients—rain or shine. WILL I LIKE IT? You would have survived The Hunger Games. EDUCATION REQUIRED: Bachelor's degree in food science or botany SCHOOLS THAT TRAIN: • Andrews University • Frostburg State University • Humboldt State University EMPLOYERS THAT HIRE: • Restaurants focused on farm-to-table options $55,395 PROFESSIONAL FOOD FORAGER Using concepts in chemistry and biology, you will examine the nutritional makeup of food for safety, health, and creation of new products. This career will allow you to pursue work in the private business sector with food producers, government agencies, and health and wellness leaders. WILL I LIKE IT? Your lunch ends up in beakers and atop a Bunsen burner. EDUCATION REQUIRED: Master's degree in nutrition or dietetics SCHOOLS THAT TRAIN: • American University • Boston University • Lamar University EMPLOYERS THAT HIRE: • Hostess Brands, LLC • Kellogg Company • Kraft Heinz Company $62,920 FOOD SCIENTIST WANT TO KNOW YOUR STEM TYPE? LOG ON TO STEMTYPE.STEMJOBS.COM TO FIND IT! † Companies are chosen from the STEM Jobs SM Approved list whenever possible, then additional hiring companies when necessary.

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