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STEMJOBS.COM // EARLY SPRING 2018 19 "NOT ONLY HAVE I LEARNED ALL THE TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE IN GEMSTONES— ESPECIALLY IN DIAMONDS—BUT I AM ALSO ABLE TO MENTOR AND SHARE MY KNOWLEDGE WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE JUNIOR TO ME." At GIA, Jennifer earned her Graduated Gemologist diploma, which is required for the highest level of diamond grading. Jennifer now serves as the technical director of the Carlsbad laboratory for GIA, which means she manages a group of 280 diamond graders and gemologists who perform grading services for GIA. Rising through the ranks has taken a lot of hard work, dedication, and education, but has given Jennifer an opportunity to share her unique skillset with others. "Not only have I learned all the technical knowledge in gemstones— especially in diamonds—but I am also able to mentor and share my knowledge with people who are junior to me," reflects Jennifer. In addition to her scientific knowledge around geology and chemistry, Jennifer's skill set includes problem solving, creativity, flexibility, and computer skills. These STEM skills are the gateway to every career within GIA's laboratories. As Jennifer explains, "In the laboratory there are numerous STEM roles available. Grading is all about technical skills. We also have a gem identification department which utilizes science and technology to determine a stone's origin and whether it has been treated." The stone's history can have a huge impact on its worth, just like its color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. Jennifer has truly found a career that lets her do what she loves through this analysis of diamonds and other precious stones. "The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the world's most unusual gemstones come through GIA's laboratory daily," she says. Reflect on the things you love— the things that spark your passion and curiosity. Then pursue them with enthusiasm and you, too, can find a unique career that lets your talents shine. JENNIFER HWANG TECHNICAL DIRECTOR OF THE CARLSBAD LABORATORY DEGREES: GRADUATED GEMOLOGIST, APPLIED JEWELRY PROFESSIONAL YEARS IN THE INDUSTRY: 33 STEM TYPE: DESIGNER

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