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STEMJOBS.COM // EARLY SPRING 2018 23 ZANE A. HEIPLE MS, ATC, LAT ATHLETIC TRAINER DEGREES: BACHELOR'S IN ATHLETIC TRAINING AND MASTER'S IN SPORTS STUDIES YEARS IN THE INDUSTRY: 11 STEM TYPE: DESIGNER treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries that any of the athletes may have." His STEM skills aren't only necessary to ensure the health of clients at the clinic where he works and the high school where he prepares student athletes for workouts, but Zane must also help clinic staff when they are processing bills and making appointments on the office calendar. While dabbling in the mathematical aspects of STEM is not as common as concentrating on health and healing, he does see greater opportunities for future athletic trainers to include technology in their college coursework. "Technology is something I feel is being used more and more with advances in safety and performance being pushed to the forefront in the athletic setting. Athletes are always looking for an edge over their competition and in order to provide that to them, an athletic trainer needs to be able see what is new and best for them." Zane enjoys helping athletes and says that he feels proud when the teams he services succeed. When these athletes win a championship and are able to hang a banner in their school gym, he knows that his medical assistance has kept players strong. Though he enjoys his job, Zane wants kids to know that there are many STEM career opportunities in kinetics. "Athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, personal training, nutrition, exercise science, performance-enhancing training, surgeon, and orthopedics are just a few [of the professionals] I have worked with at some point. It is safe to say that anything medical related is going to have some degree of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics involved in that occupation." As technology continues to evolve and new opportunities arise, there will be even more ways for students to turn their love of sports into a rewarding STEM career. "ATHLETES ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR AN EDGE OVER THEIR COMPETITION AND IN ORDER TO PROVIDE THAT TO THEM, AN ATHLETIC TRAINER NEEDS TO BE ABLE SEE WHAT IS NEW AND BEST FOR THEM."

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