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4 EARLY SPRING 2018 // STEMJOBS.COM INTELLIGENCE // JEWELRY // KINETICS // LAW INTRO // THE CREW WHO MAKES IT HAPPEN? STEM JOBS SM MAGAZINE IS PUBLISHED BY M2V, Inc. a service-disabled veteran-owned small business. 420 Rouser Road, Building 3, Suite 101, Moon Township, PA 15108, tel: (412) 269-1663 x164, fax: (412) 269-1646. The inclusion of advertising is considered a service to subscribers and is not an endorsement of the products nor concurrence with advertising claims. STEM Jobs SM is a registered trademark of M2V, Inc., copyright © 2014-2018. No part of the magazine may be reproduced by any means without the permission of M2V, Inc. STEM Jobs SM products, product designs, product names, trademarks, trade dress, logos, designs, images, both physical and color designs and other associated intellectual properties are the registered or otherwise protected property of M2V, Inc. Any form of unauthorized use is strictly prohibited and considered infringement, and is punishable by law. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE JOB IN THE SPORTS INDUSTRY, WHAT WOULD IT BE? STEM JOBS ADVISORY COUNCIL DIRECTOR OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, NATIONAL ALLIANCE FOR PARTNERSHIPS IN EQUITY ASSOCIATE PROVOST AND DEAN OF GRADUATE STUDIES, NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY COLORADO STEM POLICY AND SUSTAINABILITY Meagan Pollock, Ph.D. Jaleh Rezaie John Sepich EARLY SPRING 2018 THEY PUT THIS TOGETHER SUPERINTENDENT D.A.N. (DATA ALGORITHM NANOBOT) ADOBE WAN KENOBI CAPTAIN CONTENT E.P. PHONE HOME DIGITAL DYNAMO Rich McCormack Daniel Nichols Mike Asper Ellen Egley Ellen Pomerantz Logan Hammerschmitt SM "TWO WORDS: ZAMBONI DRIVER ." "I'D WANT TO BE AN AGENT . GETTING TO WORK CLOSELY WITH THE ATHLETES AND HELP THEM NEGOTIATE HUGE DEALS SOUNDS LIKE IT WOULD BE A SWEET JOB!" "I'D LIKE TO BE A STATISTICIAN . PROVIDING INSIGHTS BASED ON DATA THAT LITERALLY CHANGE THE GAME FOR MY TEAM WOULD BE INCREDIBLE!" LOOKING FORWARD Winter break is behind you and spring break is on the horizon. You've made it through over half of the school year, bringing you a little bit closer to high school graduation and your transition into the real world. Still figuring out what you want to do once you get there? We've got you covered. In this issue, we continue our look at the ABCs of STEM, focusing on the Intelligence, Jewelry, Kinetics, and Law fields. Before we dive into intelligence, though, we bust the myth that STEM professions are not for creative people. We use the STEM acronym (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), but believe creativity and the arts are essential to innovative thinking and progress in all STEM fields. If you're artistic or creative, the STEM world needs you! Finding people to interview from the intelligence industry required a lot of creativity, in fact, as intelligence professionals rely on protecting their identities to do their jobs effectively. We had to agree to keep the interviewees anonymous, and in exchange we got incredible insight into some surprising careers inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Next, we spoke with three women from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) who have probably forgotten more about precious stones and gems than any of us will ever know. We promise you'll never look at jewelry the same way after reading their stories. Kinetics comes next, and if you've ever wanted a career in sports (but realize your chances of making it as a professional athlete are pretty low), you'll want to read about two athletic trainers who turned their interest in sports into amazing opportunities at the high school and professional levels. We close by examining STEM- focused careers in law, which is an industry few think of as being "STEM." The women we interviewed, however, prove that the soft skills developed in STEM classes (things like problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and data analysis) are needed to be successful in any career in law. At STEM Jobs, we know you can't pursue a job you don't know about, so we strive to highlight STEM careers in the industries you're passionate about to help you find a job and training path that helps you do what you love. Thanks for reading! "I WOULD LIKE TO BE THE MLB COMMISSIONER SO THAT I COULD TRY TO FIND A WAY TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD IN TERMS OF EACH TEAM'S FINANCIAL ABILITY TO FIELD A COMPETITIVE BASEBALL CLUB TO ENSURE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIPS ARE WON, NOT BOUGHT." THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! GUEST STARS Dorothy Crouch Sue Hamilton ELLEN EGLEY Director of STEM Jobs SM GET OUR E-NEWSLETTER AT STEMJOBS.COM !

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